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tv   Police Commission 1417  SFGTV  January 7, 2017 6:00pm-8:21pm PST

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>> with the equipment in the room and please rise for the pledge of allegiance and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> commissioners commissioner vice president turman i'd like to call roll. >> sure. >> commissioner president loftus is accused commissioner vice president turman commissioner marshall commissioner dejesus is excused commissioner mazzucco commissioner serlina
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commissioner hing commissioner vice president turman we have quorum and also with us the intern chief of police that chief chaplin and office of citizens complaints. >> thank you. good evening ladies and gentlemen, and people of the public director intern chief chaplin and my follow commissioners welcome to the wednesday, january 4, 2017, police commission meeting the first meeting of the year i don't see any particular changes we need to make to the agenda so we'll take it from the top and our fbi's i'll turning the mike over to former
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commission president commissioner mazzucco to tell us how we adjourn. >> opened a can of worms the commission adjourns in the memory of a police officer a sfofr o san francisco police officers and tint we adjourn in the memory of former police officer and assistant district attorney dennis there is nobody here in the public so with our permission i'll tell you about dennis he was a native san franciscan a product of saint high school a son of a firefighter he attended san francisco state university and while working as a san francisco police officer for 8 years attended u.s. law enforcement his star was 955
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served at the mission station and parks station and the advice crime unit i had the pleasure of working with dense a deputy district attorney and come back to san francisco worked with me as an assistant district attorney a unique character his brother retired from the police department a true family dedicated servant to san francisco dennis tried one of the most difficult cases a domestic violence arson, murder, case successfully got a conviction and dennis was the guy that was calm under pressure and never worried about anything dennis left the district attorney's office and became a criminal defense attorney a form
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public defender talked about him in court i have to read this an incredible transcript dpw's was a glient e giant in the building and loved where miss common sense and examination none was better at his job he really got it hits the got people he got tare failures and the things that having can happen in life the judge said as cross capital improvement plan him and went on to say he loved that guy and will be sorely missed dennis is a true character to bryant street a great attorney and leaves a wife in contra costa a freshmen in college was his son thank you for everything you've
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done for me and the young da terry the presiding judge of the superior court has anybody seen dennis i used to say yes, but i wish i could. >> thank you commissioner mazzucco we'll be adjoining in honor of the former police officer and district attorney dennis first consent calendar request of the chief chaplin to accept the documents of $320 if boston properties to outfit the police officers that volunteered that he make a wish foundation request the chief of police to accept the gift cards with the
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central station. >> colleagues a memo about those two items and the donations are there any questions. >> i would assume the chief of police i don't see captain lazarus any questions as these items are placed on the consent calendar not a form vote anyone object to receiving those items seeing none, public comment is closed. those items are by ac application accepted chief thank you and please thank properly thank boston properties for the two donations commissioners and next item. >> >> discussion two a chiefs report to allow the chief of police to report on activities with the majority events anticipate to make
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announcements update on the holiday season community engagement presentation on the departments notification and response portfolios and the presentation of 2016 third quarter firearm discharge review board and status of officer-involved shooting. >> do we have the video keyed up can you run it. >> some over the past several units two videos why wear the badge and showcases the officer why they choose to join the department those videos are on social media to talk about what the police officers do. >> okay. we can run that and the seconds we're at the 3450ek
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e meeting with the unit - thought that would be great to highlight how to make the holidays better for people that showcases the turkey give away and a make a wish foundation. >> this is our way to give back. >> you're welcome. >> san francisco police department is working closely with the partners we've given away 25 persons grants into the department >> thank you to everyone. >> this little gesture we can do for them goes a long way. >> happen thanksgiving. >> we handed out and things and next to help. >> made a lot of happy people.
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>> were it is recreation center today, our third thanksgiving diner. >> we served turkey and in general having a good time today. >> overtime people see us when bad things happen we get to know people on a personal based with the residents. >> it is easy to see there is good in other other you're not alone and the only one that had it hard. >> oh. >> this is a time it is more important to give than receive and for the officers to give out in terms of donations. >> we see a lot of people to
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collaborate with the folks and we collected 25 hundred toys that helped out kids and hopefully, this year interest triple the amount. >> hi good morning and welcome we'll be talking with cops come on in we have an opportunity to get out of the police cars and come into the coffee shop. >> up the hill. >> cars or homes. >> i think that is great. >> this is fantastic. >> here we are a private park for the sfpd raise. >> sfpd. >> we have cable cars.
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>> we have people in the bay. >> you know what that is freezing out there but for a good cause people will be here to do it. >> with our relationship with the sfpd you all have helped us raise over half a million dollar and the kids to help them. >> it is pretty cool. >> the water was freezing but fun. >> i saw that makes a difference in their lives. >> this is a partner streamlining at the lodge we're meeting the public and handing out stickers and fun with the kids. >> 3, 2, 1.
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>> happy new year. >> this is good and creates involvement to get them engaged and the little kids thank you and give you a high 5. >> whether talking with a cop or jumping in the bay it is all about serving our community. >> from all of us from the san francisco police department have a safe holiday season happy new year. >> okay. that concludes that with the mayor's office and the make a wish foundation 6 thousand children are effected a successful season for us and with that, that was our community engagement i'll run introduce the states for the year before we do the
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homicide portfolio and start with traffic 2016 our traffic company issued 4 thousand plus speed violations which was one and 8 increase of 2015 combined with the district stations 9 thousand speed violations it was a total of 13 thousand plus for citywide issuance which is an increase of 23 percent increase and 2016 data is a 19 reduction in dui from 2014 to november data our december data is not yet complete a 27 percent reduction in bicyclist collisions from 2015 again january to november, december is not available yet a fatality update in december
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23, 201618 and fulsome a vehicle versus vehicle one vehicles eastbound by an elderly male and obstructed a vehicle on 18 the elderly male passed away with the medical slash condition and the death, however, the determination is made only by the examiners office and another involved in january the pedestrian was crossing with the green light and had a medical episode and collapsed directly in front of a motorist and in the intersection with a green light and substantially ran over the pedestrian the motorist remained at the scene and side cops and initially tried to leave but was transported with a
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collapsed lung and medical conditions if appear life-threatening a citywide states for december 30th the desaturation with 3 we had 17 vehicle stops and 14 citations and one vehicle was towed. >> crime trends for 2015 two homicides for 2017 and ended the year with 58 a 67 increase by 6 from 2014 we ended with 52 our shooting victims 20175 victims and 2016 end with nine hundred plus and identical in 2014 the crime ways down and the total was one thousand 12 so far for
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2017 vehicle burglaries are down 3 percent and new year's eve states 4 felon arrests and 2021 drudge arrests and medical calls and the two homicides for the year as far two on january 1st in the bayview district no arrests 11:25 p.m. and the officers responded regarding a shots fired and the officers located an unresponsive person with a shot to the head and the
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person was transferred and succumbed to his injuries surveillance cameras are reviewed no arrests the second homicide on the same data occurred at the 214 the officers responded with a report of a shooting the officers located a unresponsive male with a wound to the chest the officers gave aid and however that victim succumbed to his injuries and the subject was detained the surveillance cameras were located in the area, no arrests were made and there were two shootings in the reporting period that was on the 29 of december and responded to
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the general hospital and prior to the officers arrive the dispatch said the fires were several that were fired the officers were informed by the trauma unit that personnel that the victim suffered shoots to the chest according to 9 victim the vehicle drop off past the vehicles - a suspect- we respond and bayview issued a - the second shooting in the bayview district on the 30th of december at approximately 54 minutes after midnight the officers responded to northridge the victim was shot in the head
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on arrive the victim was had a laceration and she was listed in stable condition according to the victim a knock on the door and she was shot twice the victim gave information to the officers bullet fragments in arrests were made by the investigation unit and that concludes that with that, i will ask homicide i'm sorry investigation staff to come up for the presentation on the notification and response portfolios in that case. >> good evening my name is captain bryan the captain of the major criminal justice unit thank you to the members of the public just to pass on about the lady that was
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shot in the face under was an arrest warrant made today on that we're happy that person has been taken off the streets so i was asked here tonight to clarify some of the questions about our procedures about response notifications to officer-involved shootings on the commission with several questions that were put forward to us and i was going to answer those the best i could i also wanted to give you an update on the year to date cleaners the chief said we have total homicides this year i think what was recorded in the examiner was 59 their including the park homicide that is the park police so we didn't include that in our homicides for the year of those 58 total homicides we
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had we have made 31 arrests that is a 53 percent clearance for this year, however, what we do - >> i'm sorry captain o'brien. >> how many. >> 31 arrests out of the 58 homicides. >> it is very good by the way, what is better our homicide detail the uniform crime reporting the way we report crime nation wide from the homicide occurs let's say in 2013 or 2014 and the arrest is made in 2016 we count that towards our arrests that year for the year of the arrest is made so our arrest percentage right now is 71 percent clearance so in addition to the 31 arrests of the 58 homicide we made
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numerous arrests from prior years okay for example, in 2015, 52 homicide and our clearance was 60 percent we're up 11 percent for the uniform crime reporting our homicide investigators are working hard and everyone that includes the task force and night investigations and homicide we work together we are kind of co-mingle in the investigations. >> i'm sorry captain i want to understand 58 homicides out of 58, 31 arrests and then end of the 2014 arrests will not come and do that. >> correct. >> but that will be a separate reporting that will be counted
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towards the year. >> i'm telling you 31 people for the 58 homicide we've cleared 31 cases. >> so we are not counting the prior. >> united states uniform crime reporting and the law enforcement any report no matter what year we solved a case from 2014 and arrested in 2015 in addition to the 31 people we have more people we've arrested this year. >> thank you that's trall. >> up to 71 percent that's what we report. >> i know that is very confusing and still you confuses us sometimes that's all that's how they want us to report it it just to take on to 2016 i know
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we're moving forward but number 57 and 58 victim what who was shot at the golden gate we made an arrest warrant on that we ended the year within an arrest warrant and number 58 homicides matthew was stabbed in front of the van ness street and we made an arrest warrant on that. >> okay i'm ready to move on to the arrest and let you know the response so the first question what does the homicide unit do to secure the scene of a crime the personnel are the ones that secure the scene homicide arrives we determine whether to expand or retrack we can move the perimeters homicide investigators are in control of the criminal justice
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any questions what is the portfolio between the department and the district attorney investigators in terms of connecting at the crime scene or responding they put out on call memo that gets e-mailed to the homicide detail and operation centers from the district attorney's office on they're a they put their notification and the telephone numbers of everyone they want contact with an officer-involved shooting that memo then gets put out weekly for dock and homicide and in the past dock if he were alerted when dock is innovative an officer-involved shooting they pull up the on call sheets and begin with the notification process they manually make calls
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from 50 to 60 people. >> can i stop you for a quick session dock is a form command it is manned twenty-four hour a day and our center for the police department for passing the information and making notifications to command staff and on call personnel throughout the police department. >> so begins the process ones their notified our operation center is notified with an officer-involved shooting they start with the number one the police chief and to the crime scene and oraccc there are - we moved to a new program and happy to report we're live today to embody for bid an officer-involved shooting now we
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have move forward at a modern communication a program called ever bridge we did a program run through 3 weeks ago we put out a text mess to the da their immediately notified all at the same time but whether there as officer-involved shooting there innovative via text e-mail and a phone number that is going to happen every two minutes you get a text phone call or e-mail if you don't respond f you have to respond by texting you got the message or e-mail or picking up the phone call this goes out to all 55 recipients we have in the program all that are notified same time now we'll not have an issue the chief of police getting a notification let's say
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someone at the district attorney's office not notified for 20 minutes i get staggering people coming to the crime scene so everybody gets notified at the same time and we're happy the department the operation is trained as well as tonight once the da gets to the crime scene they go to the crime post this is myself and the captain and the lieutenant of homicide and the investigators we get briefed at the same time and occ has done with the crime we do a walk through with occ i'm sure
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there are multiple anybody from who else am i missing chief. >> d o i. >> the occ, da i and the district attorney's office themselves there is an actual da with the district attorney investigators they're given a walk through and get a visual and get an idea of what that looks like we wait for the okay. from the crime scene to walk through the crime scene to add on ever bridge now the system that will successfully take care of the recommendations by the civil grand jury and the blue ribbon panel so captain conley is presenting next week and will go into the detail of ever bridge that is successfully taken care of for the
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recommendations do you have any questions for - about. >> sure. >> yeah in terms of the notifications that goes to everyone one of the comments i think we heard i think from the district attorney that is this phone number we've used for them is somebody's office number or something at a time they're not in the office so is there a number they can - would be the most - >> they have to give on the district attorney's office puts out an think on call sheet every week i'm pretty sure i have an example if so what phone number personal - everyone's puts their you know city phone number or cell phone phone i put my personally he respond to that personally. >> but i have in sight the
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district attorney has a number and that's the number to pass around and the commissioner mazzucco worked in the office at one point and wherever an assigned da they get if that's the fixed number but ultimately the way the on call works we fissure the numbers the name of the person and the contact number and loaded into the system. >> i'm sorry just wanted to i, clarify so when we put together from the investigators division we contracted the district attorney and occ and ask them to give us the names ever everyone that is is on call d i and their best contact numbers when there are an officer-involved shooting all of them will receive a notification what we are trying to do get away from who is on
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call this week and that week and make sure they know so the appropriate people on call and supposed to respond if it was to happen visually every investigator will get the nose and the ones on call will be responsible to respond to the scene that way no problems in the future. >> we're excited the system will take care of past issues by my third question from the district attorney investigator is at the homicide officer-involved shooting and while the descent is doesn't make sense or da i many times the body is not present they're
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at the hospital where they later - all of those succumbed to their injuries does that make sense and in 2016 one succumbed to their injuries and two survived the incident in 20143 succumbed to their injuries at general and one survived who is responsible for camp mather the district attorney the protocol will be blasting out the notifications generally speaking who is the
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responsible party that decided when a body is removed from the scene and put examples like even though medical examiner the medical examiner is probable for the victim's body is removed after the pictures and videos and sketches and after homicide da i say m.d. will take over the investigation and remove the descent i 0 spoke with the chief medical investigator today they are governed by the government code gymnasium the authority over the descent ant and want to have a public descent ant they
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go respond for respect and not leaving the descent ant out in public view those are higher priorities any questions - does the - investigations work with the district attorney investigators occ the district attorney's office the medicines office and crime scene and all other participating unit to do we we think that a comprehensive investigation and walk through with the incident crime scene once occ allows it i don't know if any of you have respondent i've worked unfortunately over 15 to 12 officer-involved shooting shooting we all work
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together but wait patiently to get people together and do one walk through to not /* containment the crime scene what the da needs to be present. >> that's the point is the da i read the question and answer the question. >> da i we try to wait for everybody. >> read the question. >> don't the da need to be present no. >> for a walk through but collaboratively we try to wait for everybody. >> once the criticisms in ferguson with michael brown was on the ground they throughout the medical examiners office then the office charged with the homicide i think that is sometimes, you'll have a personal call to response you try to wait as long as a you
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possibly came in the person is unremarkable delay you do the walk through without that person present. >> we need to get away from persons and talk about the department one person there should be other people covering that individual not about persons but there should be a plan in place that sponsor should from that particular area should be present i understand you wait as long as possible and then sometimes you have to proceed and maybe none it available for whatever under the circumstances but whidepend on person. >> the district attorney's office needs a back up. >> i'm not concerned about that. >> but as far as the police
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department we have portfolios protocols in place. >> that's the answer we need. >> we are covered we're covered. >> we are covered sorry. >> sorry captain when i had the - the investigator signed to week they couldn't be more than 11 miles from san francisco there was a mile restrictions and, of course, no alcohol consumption and happened in the middle of the night do we have anything that guarantees officers don't get stuck in traffic or the officers are near the city. >> we have two homicides team that are on call 24/7 all the time and those on call teams are restricken you're on duty not
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allowed to drink a take-home car that is fixed with lights and sirens the police department has no delay there are a team of 48 people total everyday night on call if one person is tied up let's say there's sick you have 3 on that can cover for that one. >> but we never had an issue with the police department not being there ever. >> or anything like that. >> we appreciate that and that's the information i personally want the public to hear and understand. >> absolutely. >> there's a problem with response time not that we are protocols in place i want to clarify and right the last question that was posed what
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role emigrates medical examiner play in securing the descendant at the crime scene the me is responsible for progressing for a positive identified and noifsz the next of kin and conducting the autopsy the securing of the body it the responsibility of the sfpd and like i said before the chief medical examiner said as part of their programs and policies prolonged dispose of a decent ant they don't want to have they work with the department to - that concludes
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the questions unless you have anything else you want me to clarify. >> commissioner marshall two things we are having one case the community was concerned that the body was - had been moved forward i think i heard you say in the occ last year that the medical people took the body to the hospital. >> uh-huh. >> all 3 in 2000. >> required medical attention. >> correct. >> expired at the hospital. >> correct in 2006. >> okay also securing weapons you can if there is a weapon involved offices may secure that weapon but it is documented how officers are very good about documenting the conditions of
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the body when it was on the ground and if something has to be move forward and documented as a homicide this is how the body was initially found and just. >> rare. >> commissioners this has been brought up in this form with just the generous sews that's why we take photographs we're not always able to wait for long periods of the time and going back to calling a business home during after hours we didn't get the da and they didn't respond how because of the a lack of notification was moved by the medical examiner and that's why we mark and photograph the body so kind of like a homicide investigators transport of
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something else they can review the files and photos same thing sometimes we are not able to wait for the other person to show up via the district attorney investigation but the whole purpose of documenting things at the scene because sometimes they have to move all kind of reasons inclement weather or safety reasons that particular case the probation officer body was moved by the medical examiner because of the time. >> thank you, thank you chief. >> the other ivy wanted to get back to the homicide cases this year. >> sure. >> 58 things extraordinary i mean over 50 percent sometimes
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i've been on the commission i've heard it not so good it is good is that higher than in the past? can you say i mean, that's 2016 from your general analysis is that better than. >> at the end of the year this year is 71 percent. >> again, i don't want to - i want to get the end year. >> year because one of the things the public wants to know how long to clear a case respect that year 58 homicides and arrested 31 so that statistic what help if you have any idea that was the past two years.
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>> i mean, you, obviously you know as well i do that a homicide can say solved in minutes and cold cases can take years depending on the evidence we have in this day and age we're in a digital age with video surveillance which is absolutely paramount in some of the cases this helps the investigators if we have video of the crime it is put out to all of the officers that we have extremely diligent officers that can remember a face from a crime alert and see that face on the street an arrest warrant is made it is unbribl the case level and this is an amazing task force unit that you know how people
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are connected and related we have an amazing night investigation team pro-active and connect the dots with the criminal and frankly their serial killers that have killed not once or twice but 3 times this year has an extremely hard year for homicide 13 homicide investigators right now they're in injury trials that is extremely depending on their ability to investigate cases they're doing an outstanding job they sacrifice their families and put people away and sometimes the victory at injury trials are not the best. >> you answered - what do you do you said what i'm saying in
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the eyes of the public they say it takes forever to make an arrest warrant. >> from the evidence. >> notwithstanding 31 out of 58 in a year. >> o'brien alluded to video is our friend and technology we use the e-mails the officers are able to generate pain leslie and suddenly not just a couple of investigators but three hundred eyes on a picture and san francisco small big city somebody stops individuals and talks with them we extend to outside agencies in case north bay so we have a lot of hits we
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put things out literally and the chief i get it on the phone we put out a flier and two minutes later the person as identified the technology has been a friend of ours and with video cameras everywhere making our job easier commissioner hing. >> sorry i'm going to make you go over the staff again for the third time 31 out of 58 is that what you report because i thought i heard you say you report to the feds. >> we do. >> one percent. >> okay. so unified crime reporting - i gave you the 58 homicides and the 31 arrests because it is expressive this year alone of the 58 homicides
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we've closed 31 we report to the feds our total arrests for 2016 and it is well above 31 that people so our percentage goes higher. >> sorry the arrests above 31 we can do the math whatever 5 or 7 those extra arrests were from homicides that occurred prior to 2016. >> correct. >> so for example, everybody is very aware of our triple homicide so that arrest was made this year but the homicide occurred in 2015 that counts as a closure of 3 for 2016 but. >> now my problem with math is about to be demonstrated so the number 58.
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>> uh-huh. >> right? >> that number remains the same when you divide it into the number of arrests they come up with the 71. >> yes, sir. >> that's how you got to the 71 percent. >> yes, sir. >> isn't that misleading in other words the 5 extra arrests over 31 shouldn't the the shootings those 5 extra arrests you said 5 arrests shouldn't that been added to the 58 and in 2013 i don't know what the number. >> i think i know what our saying at some point it catches up your catching with the arrests but it is misleading because dividing 58 into a number that includes homicides
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from a prior year. >> uh-huh. >> that's why i gave you the actual number 31 so you can clearing see that of the 58 homicides this year 31 of those cases were closed by arrests so that's why i wanted you to clarify crime reporting is goofy in a sense sometimes, we have one and 20 percent. >> yeah. it is goofy you're right you're on us to tell us that is 31 out of 58 really what would be useful to us i don't know but - is that adjustment be made to the prior years in other words prior to 2016 those new arrests in 2016 with
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the shootings occurred. >> right. >> those prior years should be adjusted. >> they're on paper we have what's called homicide books we go back to the prior years and change the information that is put into those homicide books we've closed this with an arrest warrant but some unform way but reporting. >> because it will deduct the total numbers didn't have much bearing on what we boo do locally but the current murders are solved if we went back and
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adjusted we'll be here two or three days there's a lot of cold cases that we had in the 90s but for federal purposes they wanted to know that will impact their total number of murders recorded in san francisco if we subtract to solve the total just the federal reporting they know so for for statistic hiv to now have been solved. >> the last time i did a presentation commissioner president loftus wanted me to tell you how many cold cases how many total homicides we've had sing a police department and how many cold cases we still have with a cold case presentation they wanted that broke down by zip code i did what you wanted
6:54 pm
which was to give you the percentage within that zip code of how our solve ability that was pretty low in some of the areas i had like sometimes 25 percent in some zip codes as opposed to another zip code that had 60 pregnancy i have presented and i can get the materials i'll give them to sergeant killshaw. >> thank you, captain o'brien. >> and the next presentation will be to the 2016 third quarter firearm recommendations status for the shooting investigations. >> good evening, commissioners
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and director hicks and chief chaplin and members of the community happy new year i'm sergeant i'm assigned to the san francisco police department external affairs as the officer-involved shooting penal i'll be presenting the third quarter 2016 ois report the firearm discharge review board just a brief summary the f t rb board was convened on i'm sorry that was the third the second board compound on wednesday, september 2016 and during that f t rb we reviewed a 2014 case as - the competition the voting members with the deputy chief michael redd man and deputy
6:56 pm
chief and others and some of the advisory members were commissioner dejesus and captain peter watching and gregory yee and low the officer-involved shooting occurred on saturday march 8, 2014 the 13 hundred block of forest street and the finds in policy just a brief summary two officers that responded to a report of a vandalism to a vehicle when the officers approached the vehicle the person backed up towards the officers that was attempting to move for cover the officer shot and the bullet fragmented and struck the fell officer the
6:57 pm
person fled because was apprehended the next fire we did the quarter firearm discharge that con convened and will be presented to the police commission next week before i get into the staves of officer-involved shooting does anyone have any questions what we discussed great we'll move on to the ois update the previous ois quarterly report the second quarter was submitted to the police commission and since that report we've closed one case and unfortunately, we have two more we picked up two more investigations both 2016 and ois
6:58 pm
2016 as of december 13th open police department ois investigations and still a few under investigation we've waiting for a charting letter from the district attorney's office prior to moving forward with the homicide closures and the internal affairs investigation one in criminal investigation that was an incident that took place out of county and that is currently towing because the officer is incapacitated and unable to participate in an internal affairs investigation and the 2013 are under investigation for the detail as well as the district attorney's office right now we have 3 cases that
6:59 pm
are still open in 2014 again we've been waiting for the charging decision letter from the district attorney's office currently will be 9 open investigations when occurred in 2015 with exemption to the out of county one i mention again waiting for the decision letter before we move forward with the administration investigation and as previously stated we have 3 officer-involved shootings in 2016 that are still under criminal investigation by the homicide detail as well as the district attorney's office. >> that concludes any presentation if anyone has any questions i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> commissioners any questions. >> great, thank you have a good evening.
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>> and that concludes the chiefs report. >> any questions for the chief? >> okay. >> next line item. >> two b occ director's report to allow the correct to report on recent activities and make announcements for the evaluation of occs investigation process good evening commissioner vice president turman. >> good evening. >> commissioners chief chaplin and members of the public other than the agendized report on occ investigative process i have no activities to report this evening deputy director will hostility this report that he has provided a power point presentation
7:01 pm
i've recorded to the police commission on in july of last year that i've retained and will evaluate the processing to determine how we can achieve great efficiency in the investigations using available resources at 2016 was the year that the office of citizens complaints practices were reviewed by the bar association of san francisco criminal justice task force and the civil grand jury on officer-involved shootings the blue ribbon panel task force and the community oriented policing services and the department of justice each of these reviews highlights the transparent climate investigation the occs mission pursuant to the charter to investigate the complaints of police misconduct i commissions the report because of the best practices for the professional agencies to give me
7:02 pm
in the review to object process improvement and to maintain the quality i retained him because of his past experience in auditing the agencies and as an assistant civil rights attorney without more we'll present our summary of the report. >> good evening mr. balthazar. >> good evening commissioner vice president turman, members of the commission and director hicks and chief chaplin and members of the public my name is eric i'm the deputy director for the office of the office of citizens complaints i'll talk about the recommendations in the report the recommendation essential
7:03 pm
falls in 4 categories the evidentiary standard and weighing of etched and number two the procedures for the planning and interviews and timelines when the interviews are to be conducted and 3 attorney roles and quality insurance and research and technology. >> so other recommendation one a the recommendation states the occ should elaborate on existing preponderance of evidence for the standards the evidence shows that the alleged conduct was more likely to not have occurred to clarify the findings and one c the occ should elaborate on the weighing of evidence and the
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credibility assessment and attorney john alden did an assessment and the weighing of evidence we do this when we conclude our investigation and figure out how to come up with the conclusion in regards to each allegation number two a the occ should provide clear and detailed guidance with the use of a checklist with the process how to staechlg modify a plan that identifies the activities with the critical deadline two b the existing guidance should be more specific in requiring the investigators to interview all officers involved in the officer-involved shooting case and currently the manual talks about cases where we require interviews the way it is written any investigation
7:05 pm
involving allegation of use of force or cases likely the result of sustained finding those cases we require mandated interviewing of officers, however, those are not the only once the procedural manual have to be updated for search case and person or other collection cases we're in the process of reviseing the manual excuse me - >> of occ should provide contact with the interviews two d the occ to convey the importance of field report and looking at the videos and 2-e
7:06 pm
the occ should have clear proper preparation of the requests and under that section two f the occ investigators should be required to foil all investigative materials electronically in a manner that can be readily available to the supervisors. >> under recommendation 3 owl managers to conduct the use of investigative activities and occ personnel to identify the attorneys that maybe recommending too many cases and then look at these recommendations to see the reason for those outcomes 3 c the occ should go see that the investigators are involved
7:07 pm
with the focus of in person discussion of cases currently we have 4 teams of investigators each team is supervised by a senior investigator last month, a month ago we made a determination that each should be with an occ attorney the attorney will help the investigator assess credibility and help are drafting the questions for officers including additional evidences that maybe required to make sure we have a thorough investigation. >> was your credibility training and assessment under number one was that conducted. >> i'm sorry. >> was that conducted with all the investigators. >> from 2016. >> and moving on to 3-d equal
7:08 pm
attention to those cases especially those involving the allegations of serious misconduct even if the evidence is sustained and 3 e for the attorneys to be more streamlined 3 f keeping track of deadlines and 3 g for the investigators to discuss tare investigations around well, what went well and didn't go well and under 3 h supervisor and manager responsibility should be defined in the appraisal plans. >> so other recommendations on number 4a talks about assigning a case should be based on involving the same officers and depending on the investigator caseload occ should have an investigator on more collection investigation which we have in
7:09 pm
oiss required the senior investigator to participate in interviews and also really alcohol supervise the investigation and the streamlining of the in take process this when we get new classrooms and the investigator is required to turn in that within 15 cases of the investigative plan and next update and higher more it staff and lastly under that section combich the occ expected mandate for the enhanced roll in respect ois the occ should look at increasing the staffing. >> of course, the budget it is budget driven do you see any progress for achievement given those. >> in what i'm sorry.
7:10 pm
>> do you see any prospect for improving p d and e. >> yes. commissioner vice president turman. >> the budget process for budget years of 2017-2018, 2018, 2019 are underway mayor ed lee has the budget instructions that proposed budgets should include no new net staffing so no staffing increase in addition that the each department should offer up budget cuts of one and half percent for each of these two budget years and the target for the occ after backing out the mandated investigators pursuant to the chapter we have a one and
7:11 pm
$50,000 to three hundred thousand for year two and the occ only has about 3 a hundred and 50 thousand in discretionary money those are challenges and the budget instructions does not account for the occs added responsibility of audit which was inundated pursuant to the most recent election and most recent charter amendment what we're seeing now a second technology that is the tip of
7:12 pm
the iceberg because as the gentleman recommends everything should be digitized that makes that much easier to supervise and other investigators to learn from one another and with the occ now receiving the videos from the the body worn cameras again another challenge in terms of equipment storage as well so those are recommendations that have been made but some are mandates with regards to the audit and we will be working with the mayors budget staff to determine how best to achieve those goals some of the recommendations are achieveable without additional staffing the
7:13 pm
occ has realized thirty percent increase in the staff in the last two years but mainly and . >> that's basically any question because back to 4 d and e are there creative ways to solve or at least to improve the technology and it staffing needs with the increase of staffing adds just - a great number of new staff but the minimal increases are we able to solve some of the issues with that staff. >> commissioner vice president turman i'm not sure that i fully understand. >> (laughter). >> some of the technology at it staff. >> we are. >> we are certainly mining the
7:14 pm
talent of the occ staff ac an example one of our newest senior investigators and i will not name her to embarrass her from media an aptitude for item that is working closely with our it staff we with an office the size of the occ a small office compared to most city departments we work collaboratively and you know as another example in the area of training credibility assessments, etc. john alden received a lot of training at the police department and now an attorney on the occ staff and
7:15 pm
has been extremely helpful with the investigators monthly holds a training on various tops and his trainings last if 2 to 3 hours but he's on the staff so the training didn't end with the monthly training and we recognize that with this report it shows us not only challenges but opportunities and we are focusing on the opportunities. >> thank you. >> chief do you have a comment. >> just a question you're talking about manuals you guys have are those manuals available from any staff. >> sure. >> sure. >> commissioner vice president turman. >> commissioner hing and i
7:16 pm
wanted to follow up on commissioner vice president turman's question to mr. balthazar when we asked you about the training and there's alluded to a second ago as well does it pertain to recommendation one. >> uh-huh. >> it sounds like this is ongoing training the training includes at least includes a discussion of what preponderance of the evidence means in addition to witness credibility assessment. >> yes. that's correct. >> is that in the form. >> i'd like to look at that training material looks like. >> are you saying preponderance of the evidence after that the evidence is in including the witness credibility. >> when we conclude our investigation we have to make a determination as to each the
7:17 pm
allegations against the officers we'll look at the evidence to see if increase enou evidence * >> is there any way i can look at any of it i'll appreciate it. >> commissioner that he last meeting commission meeting he did indicate to you that as part of our orientation. >> okay. >> i asked i invited you to come to our offices you have an opportunity to speak with members of the staff. >> thank you. >> that would be helpful and back to recommendation 1-b i don't know if you have that in
7:18 pm
front of you, mr. balthazar and -- excuse-me. because i'm not familiar with the procedures manual. >> cited in the recommendations that refers to manual as page 14 and talks about other standards with proper conduct what are the other possible vmentdz that's 3 i presume. >> with those we have policy failure training failure so there is a series of findings we can reach and the recommendations to expand it so we're on the same page and clarity to each the fltsdz. >> the recommendations to expand what. >> to clarify those finding we have findings and define them and i believe the recommendations to elaborate and expand so the investigators and
7:19 pm
the public will all on the same page to each of the finding would be. >> and which finding would it be where you would proceeded to file charges excuse me - if that's not the correct terminology. >> which findings will it be you'll preserve to be by a preponderance of the evidence improper conduct. >> that's the only findings you'll go forward on. >> correct. >> all those other finding you'll not go forward. >> in terms of disciplinary. >> what's the term. sustained finding >> any other questions. >> i have one more the director. >> director hopefully i'm not
7:20 pm
jumping the gun i noticed the secretary is having the body worn camera i'm curious with the occ you've utilized the body worn camera to determine a determination can you give me a rough estimation. >> commissioner mazzucco yes, we are using the evidence from body worn cameras to make a determination i think that deputy director balthazar can to the best of my knowledge we have not completed an investigation yet. >> not yet but we're requesting body footage during the investigation and the conclusion of the investigation. >> are you finding that helpful one of the issues i talk about your evaluating the
7:21 pm
credibility of the witnesses now you have you don't need to do that you have front of the you see that helpful. >> it will be extremely helpful the incident report and bhaepd before and after the enar counter i expect it be extremely helpful in assessing the kriblth not only subjects arrested but the credibility. >> any other questions for deputy director balthazar that is payroll - >> (laughter). >> thank you, thank you. >> director. >> commissioner vice president turman that concludes our report. >> any other questions for
7:22 pm
director hicks. >> thank you deputy director balthazar next item line item. >> commission reports commission president report to oversee the reform and commissioners report. >> under commissioners presidents report, of course, your commissioner commissioner president is not here this evening she left no specific reports other than the one that the lady will present momentary one of the rare occasions commissioner president loftus is absent but she has amply invited the information we need this evening i believe that next would be on this the lady that
7:23 pm
worked with commissioner president loftus on the next report. >> good evening commissioner vice president turman, commissioners director joyce hicks chief chaplin members of the public happy new year my name is ronnie i'm the senior policy in fact, over the commission and grateful for your time this ain't easy on december 2nd i present a memo asking the commission to consider their role in the efforts if you remember the doj report in for 18 recommendations under the direction of commissioner president loftus i put these into 11 grounds and ask you to nominate yourselves i've had a chance to speak to a couple of you and like to go through them and make sure i have them correct if you have
7:24 pm
issues with those suggested leads i'd like to make so - and i'd like to clarify that based on some of our requests and some of the ones that were absent i also met with ms. a.d. won and assigned bans those tops that individuals had discussed or brought up being interested in, of course, we have an overlap if some areas but ms. a.d. one. >> thank you for clarifying yes. >> so basically, not open for discussion (laughter). >> well to remember you as commissioner you'll lead on the work along with the answers from pd and well those you'll come
7:25 pm
back and present on the work that is done so we'll all have an opportunity to weigh in i'd like to talk about one cluster that makes it easier correct. >> so if not questions i'll go to the list the d go the community and external engagement on human error owe consideration of pages and beyond commissioner serlina and eliminating obesity commissioner hing and minimizing transparent commissioner marshall and procedural justice commissioner mazzucco order reporting to the commission commissioner dejesus and commissioner reporting and
7:26 pm
commissioner vice president turman in identifying the trends and commissioner dejesus. >> all good? >> just one question. >> by all means. >> i notice that madam president didn't get mo' magic it that because she didn't want anything. >> i wanted to know got it i'm not saying we should get one. >> (laughter). yeah >> i think i've mentioned again, this commission that responsibility for the entire process we have captain conley and others presenting once a month on designing a dashboard that makes it easier to track recommendations or issues in the effected area so - >> okay. >> any questions for many a.d.
7:27 pm
one and commissioners those are the taufshz we've seen and heard there is a topic that is if someone wants to substitute and change we would prefer the topics you get back to ms. a.d. one please do that by the end of this week so; is that correct. >> you'll by the way, be invited to sit in the group that the recommendations that pd it responsible for . >> absolutely we notifying the other leads if you want to participate in other areas we'll welcome that participation as well and also desiring the public engagement working as well. >> great, thank you. >> thank you very much.
7:28 pm
>> thank you sergeant killshaw next item. >> item 2 d commissioner announcements and items for consideration another future commission meeting action commissioner melara i'm concerned with our own programs and policies so i wanted to propose a couple of things the top of the list is the election of officers that has not happened in this commission when it is supposed to so i notice that it has been put on the agenda and taken off the agenda that's fine the issue whenever the actual election of officers for this commission should happen in may and we never suspended the rules for it to be
7:29 pm
move forward to other times so the issue at that point we're so close to may i would not. >> so at this point, i would propose that we at the next commission meeting put an item on the agenda to suspend the rules and continue with the officers we have until may when we can conduct an election of officers at the right time and that way we will be on a year cycle when we are supposed to be that's all you know that's the proposal so we are in you know either - because if we hold the elections you're not following the your own rules so it is best that you suspend and take a
7:30 pm
formal vote and suspend the rules and have the elections in may when it is supposed to happen that's one and the other one of the things that has been proposed as is the retreat our retreat i want to have sometime on the agenda to be able to go through some of the city procedures i've seen not followed in the commission. >> okay. >> well sergeant killlshaw can you make note of the rules suspension for the next commission meeting and as far as the agenda for the retreat commissioner melara can speak to ms. a.d. one about that. >> okay. >> commissioner mazzucco. >> thank you we've had a lot
7:31 pm
of decision about working with proposal mental health professionals and the overwhelming majority of the contacts involve mental health people and having a presentation from the police department and mental health professionals we're working on having more folks hired by the department of health but the reality it is the most important issue we'll deal with this year how to continue to work with other city agrees so at some point in february we should a a hearing where we'll find out what the other agencies are doing we did this we had one of the lead doctors from the hospital say we have the number of beds and the chief felt they're not doing their jobs so not having everything on the
7:32 pm
lapse of the officers and tying up the ambulances and officers we need to address this issue sooner or later and the community is in agreement with the police department we need a meeting what is the best practices what are we're going to do to have an impact on public safety in san francisco and not humane we have people on the streets that our officers are the ones that deal with that and putting it on the officers and good-looking public safety and to the point where everywhere i go in the city the only thing people want to talk about what are we are doing about the poor people on the street in the mental health crisis this is the issue all the numbers we deal with involve people in crisis so i'd like to have a meeting you know put it together pines who should
7:33 pm
participate but in february take that issue head on. >> okay can you just clarify what the agenda item will be would be a - having a presentation by whom? >> the idea i suggest we have the department of health participate in the presentation that we have the medical staff as once before from san francisco general hospital and come up with the best practices and give the public the i can't do what is happening in the streets when i read an article in the chronicle one person that has been 5150ed the number of times more than double digits
7:34 pm
and clearly a failure so sergeant killlshaw sounds like we need to open a up a dialogue with the department of health and the commissioner to try to work out a presentation and have as well as discussion of best practices i don't know if commissioner you that want to be the person with the sergeant killshaw and come up with a date i know the first of february but given that there will be one-on-one discussion you may have to schedule it farther out. >> i'll work with secretary kilshaw but the most important issue we will deal that. >> thank you. >> commissioner any more now announcements and discussion of items. >> i have one more. >> commissioner melara.
7:35 pm
>> i think for sometime i've been asked to put on the agenda again, a safe place i think that you know considering you know our press and climate around the nation certainly in san francisco we need to figure out how to help people that maybe in need of assistance this is the great program and we have not moved on it. >> okay so could you with commissioner melara get that on the agenda. >> yes. i've been working with j.c. redman i've identified a person as i mentioned your concern having someone act ownership over the program and not someone kooirl through i identified that person who will be become available in february and so we're working to schedule
7:36 pm
that to happen. >> okay. >> commissioners any other announcements and scheduling of items? >> okay hearing none, thank you commission succeeded next time line item. >> public comment on items 2a through d. >> public comment. >> on items 2a through d. >> jackie san franciscans for police accountability the office of citizens complaints is a toothless watchdog trying to array the public's outrage that precedes minor cases of police wrongdoing and willfully ignoring the scandals the occ
7:37 pm
didn't live up to it's potential this commission didn't want it to it starts at the top joyce hicks you're more concerned with statistics and timely filing of paperwork with systematic change you know your investigations don't result in discipline why for you to go after the police will be a political risk no incentive to be a watchdog our concern with improving the occ administration and that's why the public is given so few details on the activities of occ you're about producing. >> address the commission not individuals. >> producing statistical reports to the police commission and meeting deadlines rather than having a genuine diver store police oversight that
7:38 pm
report shows you this late date that investigators are not trained properly that there's an data correction system and among outrageous problems in the okay we learn that recovers have only now being told about the preponderance of the evidence standard this is unbelievable and investigators need to be told that will witness credibility guidelines and interviewing of witnesses at this stage is shocking the investigators should have those investigations mafrtsdz how to make a use of a checklist come on in this report investigators should first receive guidance guidance on the general framework and process of an investigation what has not been doing all this time and why haven't the investigators been interviewing
7:39 pm
all the officers in officer-involved shootings what are rewaiting for . >> i'll briefly respond to that as an attorney practicing law i'm going to going c lecture e training refreshing any knowledge and information along many standards and standards of improvement is often updated often changes in the law there are often changes in reviews and credibility assessment changes because new reports and new information become available to that none has said the occ investigators have sat around not knowing what to do for all the years but ms. this is what the tooth is and what is going
7:40 pm
on in the occ are individual trying desperately trying to regard the claims i'm sorry that didn't meet your standards but nevertheless, they're highly trained individual and doing a public services and doing a good job. >> next if i may. >> if i follow-up i've been on the commission 8 years and the leadership of the occ under director hicks has before a vast change compared to years past the level of professionalism by those who work with the occ and the professionalism from director joyce hicks has been far aspire and i'll tell you this they working hard and
7:41 pm
across the city people under the circumstances is negative and not productive they've actually looked at this their own initiated to do better i can't sit here and see the occ be criticized with all the great work they're a national model national model other cities are following so unfair to sit here and leave this open-ended they're not doing their job we all can do a better job the occ and commission we're not perfect and want to make everybody happy but they're doing their job. >> next member of the public. >> my name is john jones may my comments please the commission i've been dissatisfied with the way the
7:42 pm
commission conducted the meetings for the following reasons with all due respect i couldn't follow the chiefs numbers i don't think that is fair to read off a series of fabulous that the chief did and not to criticize the community but as a member of the public i couldn't understand or retain all the numbers you read off with that manner the presentation didn't help me to appreciate the report or giving any kind of a rely second of in all a technical objection i keep a look out hear what is most of what is said expect explicit for the last speaker what the commission says and the chief says is often what the theatres call - buzz what you get to read the comments or the
7:43 pm
dictation on the screen there but not the same i'd like to hear what you say as you say it i think most people here would like that as well finally i don't know how as a member of the public can expect me to respond to the report i just read about that in the examiner the other day and couldn't find that online and i'm - i have to agree with the prior speaker and respect this commission let's occ skate and i've seen it went and time again, this commission looks the other way i'm horrified by the idea that occ investigators are going to make credibility reports about police officers that's not their role and honestly, i don't think occ has the power to do this
7:44 pm
meeting is a a theatre in which the tenants of the incremental myself included is neither expected more welcome please understand i do not tint disrespect of the difficult job i know there are 48 hours in a day thank you for your time. >> next speaker, please. >> hi commissioners, thank you my name is - executive director of the advisory board and the motive of a transson i appreciate commissioner melara for bringing up the tack place initiative and have a visual from seattle officer met with commissioner
7:45 pm
melara and myself and sergeant shields and several people department of justice and formally commission even though san francisco has the tolerance of lgbt community as a parent and wife not always safe for the transmembers or lgbt to be out in public this initiative is one in which that involves businesses they'll get a sign in their window and will be printed to say san francisco police and then they will offer someone felt threatened or attacked outside of their business see the sign and come into the business and the business will keep the person safe until the police arrived this is rolled out nation wide in february
7:46 pm
nation wide pr campaign and seattle would love if san francisco is signed on in february as a member of the community i'll volunteer to help like bank of america is funding the posters and such in seattle maybe would have one of our businesses to fund it and i'll volunteer my time to cooperate to businesses to engage them thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good evening karen san franciscans for police accountability and and must concur we any colleague jackie assessment of the occ effectiveness i'll read from the blue ribbon panel report chapter 5 on the oversight page one 14 statistics by the police commission and the occ reveals that officers are disciplined as
7:47 pm
a result of occ complaints and when they are the discipline is generally mild the occ residences a small 10 percent complaints also not able are the grounds first failures to collect the data from traffic stops from 2011 and 2014 those allegations are not rays by opponents or added by occ investigators during the course alleging a separate act of a traffic stop but added into complaints raised by the public making that appear that more of their complaints are sustained that's why the complainants go to today and second the occ has not had a single complaint of
7:48 pm
obesity to more than 2 add and 11 have been filed since 2012 and ample research both bias policing by sfpd i wanted to point out that the december 27th carpenter article seeks that captain conley in charge of implementing the u.s. doj recommendation allegations that the doj have an audit of officer text message to determine if racist text messaging is on two separate - and the deputy at that point pledges to do so but co-sponsoring to captain conley not sure the inspection audit
7:49 pm
has been conducted or going to be conducted or planned to start this is imperative we really need to get to the bottom of the racism and racist text messaging i know you have a lot on your plat but need for bias policing if you're going to see the evaluation to the community thank you. >> good evening, commissioners and everyone happy new year i'm sure and i'm here as a native san franciscan and first of all, i want to say in regards to the chief report i'm encouraged on one hand and on the other hand, a little bit an
7:50 pm
apprehensive the progress i've seen on the street level that as far as range and file how their dealing for example, on the mandel case a few of my friends witnessed the officers trying to really seriously revise the brother that had gotten shot on mandel they felt in bayview hunters point this was different attitude thank you tony that is indicative of your leadership and the other thing maurice beretta so the shot on enlivening thank you for making arrests, however, arrest didn't equate with success for the mayor's office and having to submit a lot of data to the feds
7:51 pm
we have given a lot of data as well we all know if we encourage i'm so sad that tony will not be here we encourage rank and file to arrest people so that we have staff will look good we and brown and black folks are back in the same condition worse than fighting for in terms of you guys profiling us whoever the shoe fits whoever i think that we need to address that little thing i know a whole bunch of us get arrested because, however, it is changed has been changing throughout the city the rest are not as brutal even for myself i u you know so the arrests are in
7:52 pm
the as brutal as in the past and certainly from the top cop leadership chief chaplin i'm looking forward to working with you guys under this new chief although i'm disappointed it not tony but maybe a fresh eyes is a what we need to get the poa under rule them in or get them out that's all i have to say. commissioners we'll be working together to make agriculture justice to the city tony i hope your working closely with the new chief. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> mine is a video because someone said last time they didn't hear the audio.
7:53 pm
>> advertised one thing to anticipate a death because of old age or sickness. >> it is quite another to experience the sudden violence death after a loved one (shots fired) (shots fired) (shots fired)
7:54 pm
since 2004 san francisco has an unprecedented amount of homicide sirens. >> (sirens). >> 60 percent of the homicide victims are people of color their loved ones living in neighborhood of scleral and neglect must deal with their personal tragedies and at the same time crime and violence of unsafe neighborhoods are surrounded everyday.
7:55 pm
>> (shots fired) (sirens) excuse me for this one i was thinking about lieutenant o'brien 59 homicide and 31 arrests of the arrests how many of those were convicted they said the arrests that means their jobs were over are they
7:56 pm
convicted of their homicide any sons perpetrators were caught, too, and they were let go so, i mean i don't know understand they closed the case were the 31 arrests were there convictions over the 31 arrests for homicides mine wasn't. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (inaudible). >> my name is richard i'm a retired city working in the 5 hundred block of geary street our police are dedicated servant in the city life we know that
7:57 pm
many suffer the causalities of war we voted for the average pension which is 50 percent more than other works take our retirement fund is health the first investment the details will not be made public that to 5 in favor an unqualified retiree with an ambitious seat of lies - the challenge could give the police and fire 47 votes consider what happened to the renter fund in dallas to spare city starpdz we urge all retirees to rotate for the incumbents. >> thank you, sir.
7:58 pm
>> next speaker, please. >> good evening, commissioners and acting chief and i was what the office of citizens complaints for 15 years director the berkley police review commission and the invented police auditor for the city of san jose for the civilian oversight and enforcement i want to commend director joyce hicks for having the report done on the office of citizens complaints i want to say i was surprised at the finding understanding one a especially regarding the preponderance of the evidence standards and making credibility evaluations those are basic thanks things part of occ process since day one that is part of the progress and the fact that that - the recommendations one a is a
7:59 pm
matter of concern and the issues that were raised for the need for ongoing supervision of investigations also raise issues several questions come to mind what exactly that the training program at the occ these things standard of evidence credibility analysis fieldwork conducting views those things should be part of the initial training and bio not to my knowledge ongoing training as chief chaplin asked are their materials available many have procedures available it on the website the office of citizens complaints being given additional authority in officer-involved shootings we
8:00 pm
need to ask protocol and have they think trained in officer-involved shootings and analyzing body worn cameras footage occ investigators being called out to the scene having send someone that looks those cases that are called out in the past that is for the occ investigator that will be investigating the case urban design called out to the scene our occ volunteers being trained in bias we been talking about in the past year about accountability and the office of citizens complaints is the first line of accountability for the police department we need cases to be
8:01 pm
fully investigated we need them to be evaluated with the correct standard of evidence thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> seeing none, yeah. sorry good evening. >> good evening. >> i showed up awhile ago in front of the board of supervisors. >> concerning police department i have said any opinion of the financial members of the alzheimer's that i advise with any experience of life that the city will fire - the department with new people there's a reason why at the level of not only of the shootings and everything we've
8:02 pm
seen my family lives there 5 generations but wish to bring more accountability that has been took place and the new chief to monthly meetings and weekly meetings and the monthly at the level of the adult management and the city should decide to keep the police department and the gentleman from los angeles i've - on january 3rd i didn't know which one but pertains to how you guys conduct with the purpose of taking firearms from the population which people have right to have and in their locked cabinets in their garages and stay over there thirty years i'll read the
8:03 pm
invoice it says invoice addressed to the city amount of personal distract on the undercover officer proclamation to the family that is involved gates and collectable items and books and things all $62,000 number it request and return of two firearms taken from our property and the garage located on that property on de harrow street in san francisco from the locked cabinet they stayed for more than thirty years the sfpd didn't come officially to take the items and return those items to my husband after receiving them point number 3 requesting returns of documents items taken from the families home and the
8:04 pm
elements seized by the illegal operation from the previous year from the family against - serious of items from the fourth amendment and taken eyes and ears and obamacare intrastate after the husband passed away thank you. >> mbalthazar is there. >> i'm sorry public comment is at the same time deputy director balthazar is there.
8:05 pm
>> any more public comment? >> hearing none, public comment is closed. >> next line item please. item 3 approval of the awards committee recommendation action. >> ladies and gentlemen, i mean sorry colleagues in our packets are the recommendations that were presented to the police commission from the awards committee that was held on october 4th during that particular meeting there were awards recommended for this commission to award to two officers from give gold metals
8:06 pm
to the lifesavers award that list is before you we have conferred with the occ and no pending complaints or disciplinary hearing for any of the officers and also commissioner dejesus asked specifically if any of the officers were involved in my investigative progresses or charged with violations or disciplinary considerations sergeant killshaw has looked at that and i'll give her time to respond. >> thank you commissioner vice president turman again as you stayed commissioner dejesus had questions went to 30 years me to work with the lieutenant at internal affairs so have the list of members that you are voting to confer the awards that on they did look through the
8:07 pm
list specifically looking for significant discipline cases against the officers and reported back to the commissioners bans the report the commission revised the list one member who is name was removed from the list your reviewing because that officer has one pending discipline case they commission level all of the other members on the list have no significant pending sorry discipline case and no discipline cases related to the event for which their in the mind. >> no significant what do you mean. >> significant cases that will rise to the level of a commission charges. >> did that mean they are disciplinary basis with the
8:08 pm
chief. >> i believe there were - 6 of the officers on the list do have disciplinary cases that are open and assigned to investigators at the level of the internal affairs but they are all open and nothing has been referred to the chief at this point okay. >> okay. >> at this point, i need to
8:09 pm
review well someone needs to review that list of items so my recommendation we carry item number 3. >> any objections. >> that we. >> carry it to another meeting to review that list is interest any objection. >> sergeant we're going to continue item number 3 the approval of the awards committee. >> i apologize captain. >> okay. >> take that off calendar. >> because i'm taking that off calendar i don't believe we're allowed to comment on it okay general public comment. >> i'm sorry so the question because it was
8:10 pm
an item for discussion every item needs public comment if you've taken that before. >> thank you so public comment on the approval of the awards recommendation. >> okay. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. general public comment?. >> general public comment the public is welcome to address the commission on items not on tonight's agenda but within the jurisdiction of the commission. the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners or departments or occi personnel. department, occi or commissioners are to respond to questions but may provide a brief response.
8:11 pm
police commission should enter into debates and please limit your comments to 3 minutes, please. >> hello, again. >> and happy new year it is another year and this year will make the 11th year august 14, 2006, of this year will be 11 years and here i am at the beginning of the year still asking for justice concerning my son aubrey abrakasa who was murdered august 14, 2006, to a semiautomatic gun thirty bullets left that gun to this day his case is not solved i talked with any inspector today and still haven't heard what i want to
8:12 pm
hear his words an uproar in homicides lastly so those comments that took priority over my sons case but i thought that i was told that i had an investigator that was dealing with unsolved homicides to if that's the case why are other homicides taking part over my sons case and i was told that he was supposed to be on any sons case and now waiting to speak to the da i'm not sure and i'm confused and i'm tired of waiting i want justice for my child and i'm just bringing they know formal gavin newsom know i know who killed my son the police know who killed her son those are his words in the paper how
8:13 pm
could you not know something that being done and the lady that was here before us saying that case were solved whether in 1941 or how ever their not solved i'm left to deal with my sons case and left to have any son this is what i have to live with and deal with it if i look at it every year and week i want everyone else to know i don't want my sons memory and homicide to be forgotten a 17 year-old boy and, yes 10 years 11 years i city cry you guys and hurt and have grasped children and he was mother only son i can't let this
8:14 pm
go away so, yes i'm here and it is redundant but not just fight for any son but another homicides need to be solve help me solve my sons case of the perpetrators that done this. >> thank you, chief is sergeant discipline i need detective spleen assigned to the cold case and. >> brought back to cold cases sounds like he's talking about and literally getting in like that they only have so many prosecutors and involved in the
8:15 pm
hunters point so the number of prosecutors is 20 i don't know if there is a presentation he's trying to do or speak to the debut not getting in line for the presentation. >> it was my understanding he was just brought back from cold cases could you please have him recontact ms. brown and explain to her what the process is right now so she clearly understand. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> any other public comment. hearing none public comment is closed. >> parking lot. >> public comment on all matters closed session including public comment on votes whether to hold item 7 in closed session. >> members of the public we're about to go into closed session so we give you an opportunity to
8:16 pm
comment on the fact we're about to do so is there any public comment hearing none public comment is closed. >> item 6 vote on whether to hold item 87 in inclusion and the attorney/client privilege. >> i move we hold the item in closed session. >> second. >> do you also move we assert the attorney/client privilege. >> commissioner vice
8:17 pm
president turman back on the record we have quorum we're back in open session so skeet kilshaw item 8 vote to disclose any or all session in the administrative code action. >> move for non-disclosure. >> second. >> move forward by commissioner mazzucco and seconded by dr. marshall is. > all in favor, say i. > opposed? unanimous thank you next line item. >> item 9 adjournment action item. >> commissioner mazzucco thank you. i move as we state earlier at the beginning we adjourn tonight in honor of memory of form san francisco police officer dennis and form san francisco da dennis cash man
8:18 pm
may he rest in peace. >> i second that. >> all in favor, say i. >> thank you, we're
8:19 pm
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